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Upset boy by BakaThief Upset boy :iconbakathief:BakaThief 41 11
So you want to do commissions?
A basic guide to setting up commissions
When it comes to commissioning, there is so much that needs to be decided, arranged and thought of that it can all appear a bit daunting at first.
However: when following a couple of basic guidelines, setting up commissions really is not as hard as you think!
If you find the article informative, please :+fav: it.
First things first
So you have decided you want to start doing commissions. That's great!
The first thing to do is to determine what you want to offer.
Do you want to offer drawings, or designs?
Will you be coding journal-skins for people, or will you be pixeling?
Take a look through your gallery and try to determine what you do best and what you like to do the most.
Because that will most likely be what you'll be offering.
Stick to what you're good at.
Don't promise what you can't deliver when someone is paying you for it.

Now that y
:iconhardrockangel:Hardrockangel 4,719 1,257
Prompto Argentum X Reader [Nightly Visits]
Day 2: Prompto Argentum X Reader: my blonde monkey:-
On a Sunday night, at past midnight, the usual time where kids and parents are asleep. But A certain [H/C] headed girl was wide awake in her low lighted room, sitting on her bed with her legs stretched infront of her, her laptop on her lap. The website tumblr was flashing on her laptop's screen, but she wasn't looking on the screen. Instead her eyes were admiring the shining full moon that hung up high on the sky, lightening the ebony black sky. She smiled softly for literally nobody but herself .
later on that smile disappeared just the moment she turned her head from the closed glass window next to her bed and scanned her room.
'As messy as ever...' You thought to yourself, frowning at the thought of cleaning up next morning. Ahh how you hated your lazy antics, always throwing stuff on the floor or where it doesn't belong, like your psp under your bed or your socks on top of the TV or throw-pillows on the floor and video game contr
:icondumbfuck-in-diguise:dumbfuck-in-diguise 91 20
Pokemon- Fusion AU? (Pokeburst AU) by Gameaddict1234 Pokemon- Fusion AU? (Pokeburst AU) :icongameaddict1234:Gameaddict1234 195 33
Nocticula [Silas x Reader]
        “Silas, seriously, where are we going?”
        He looks in your direction, a smile painted across his face. “I told you it’s a surprise!”
        “I get that, but…” Looking down at yourself, it takes self control to not fiddle with the pins holding up your hair, courtesy of Camilla. “Where could we possibly be going that involves me wearing this?”
It was no secret that you and Silas had been going down your childhood list of places and things to see, and when routine training was done and there was sunshine left to burn, the two of you would steal a few hours to visit nearby towns and scenery. They were planned, of course, but nothing special was ever specifically needed, which is why you were confused beyond words when Camilla suddenly took you by the arm, dragged you to your tree house, sat you down, and proceeded to draw upon
:iconrensarou:Rensarou 98 40
Takumi x Reader Conflicted Emotions
Listen to this to feel the feels my friends:
Takumi’s POV
The journey to Dia was long and tiresome. After riding on horseback for a while, it starts to become painful. This was yet another “great” thing about being in the army. Dia was a port town where I am supposed to lead the Hoshidan army to intercept the Nohrians. That would mean I would have to see my traitorous sister, (y/n), and fight her, possibly kill her.
Oh, (y/n), why couldn’t we be a happy family again and have you at my side?
“Lord Takumi, what’s wrong?” Oboro asked, riding alongside me. I glanced at her and sighed.
“Nothing, Oboro. Everything’s fine, but thanks for your concern,” I replied, brushing her off.
“Are you worried about fighting (y/n), Lord Takumi?” Hinata asked from my other side. I truly hated when my retainers could see right thr
:iconsupergermansparkles:SuperGermanSparkles 44 4
Leo x Reader Masquerade
Peace was brought to the kingdoms of Hoshido and Nohr after a long and hard war, finally reuniting you with your Hoshidan and Nohrian families. In honor of the new peace between the kingdoms, a masquerade ball was being held in the Principality of Muse in their famous opera house. Xander had proposed the idea, and Ryoma had graciously accepted it, both men believing it would be a good chance to fix broken bonds. Everyone stayed the night near the opera house the night before the ball, then left for the ball at separate times, since nobody wanted anybody else to know who they were or what their masks looked like.
You were running up to the entrance of the grandioso opera house, lights spilling out of the doorway that swung open for you by a doorman. Cursing yourself for being late, you gave the door holder a small thank you and went inside, eventually mixing and mingling with people in the crowd acting as if you had been there since the start of the ball. An orchestra was on stage, play
:iconsupergermansparkles:SuperGermanSparkles 111 14
Worshipping Stars (Gaius x Noble!Reader)
There it was again.
Gaius cracked open one green eye as he heard the unmistakable sound of leaves crackling underfoot, growing fainter and fainter as the culprit moved away. He slowly sat up, groggily, raking a hand through his hair as he squinted at the entrance to his tent. Although it was still night time, the full moon shone brightly above the camp, straining through the white canvas above him. Its silver light made it easy for people to navigate around, which came in handy for those on perimeter patrol duty.
Or, if it was a certain lady entering the training grounds in secret again.
Smirking, despite himself, Gaius slipped out of his bed and quickly dressed. He was good at doing this with very little light- being a thief, you tended to work during the nocturnal hours and tended to outstay your welcome rather quickly, hence it was good to make sure you could always get out as fast as possible. Although Gaius had to admit that he had grown pretty fond of this ragtag group that forme
:iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 137 11
Remember Kaoru X Reader Part 4 (Final)
You glance down at your suitcase as you stand in line for the metal detector. Your hands clench and unclench as you try to slow your breathing.
“Next!” The line surges forward and a man shoves your suitcase onto the conveyor built. After a whole week to cry about leaving Ouran, all that’s left is the bitter feelings and the pain. You feel like a mindless zombie as you wait your turn to leave everything behind.
Where are your friends when you need them? You glance up to see a man with red hair and you stifle a scream. He turns around and your shoulders fall. Any time I see anyone, I think its Kaoru! What is wrong with me?
“Step on it, dammit!” Kaoru yelled as him and Hikaru barrel into their family’s limo. Their butler stomps on the gas and the limousine flies forward. “The Airport! The Airport! We need to get there ASAP! As soon as….” Kaoru chokes back a sob and bangs his fist on the back of the passenger seat. He g
:iconfan-tan-chan:Fan-Tan-Chan 298 131
Remember Kaoru X Reader Part 3
“After all of this time, they don’t believe me!” You’ve yelled, screamed, cried, and pouted in the confinement of your bedroom, but there’s nothing you can do now. The twins hate you.
You flop onto your bed, stuffing the corner of a throw pillow into your mouth to silence your sobbing. Reflecting back on the afternoon, it seems almost like a horror story…
After Kaoru had found the marriage files, you had to explain the very reasons behind your move to Japan.
“It was all to get closer to you guys,” you had told them. “I didn’t know it until my Butler told me on the first day of school, and I had barely even remembered you guys!”
“We still don’t remember you,” Kaoru pointed out.
“To us, you’re still a stranger.” Hikaru had folded his arms defiantly across his chest, as if to signify that he wouldn’t listen to any pleading. Period.
“You guys! We’re friends! Remember?
:iconfan-tan-chan:Fan-Tan-Chan 206 22
Remember Kaoru X Reader Part 2
It’s been three whole months since your first day of school. Now, snow curls down from the heavens and the sky is clothed in a dusky gray. You turn away from the windows to face your host for the afternoon.
“Hey, y/n, how about coming over to our house after school?” Kaoru asks. He sets his hand on your arm and you beam up at him.
The twins still didn’t remember that day in December, but you had told them that it didn’t matter. What was important was getting along now. (or the present, however you want to put it)
“That’s sounds like a great idea!” You hear girls squealing and steaming with jealousy behind you. Geesh, you roll your eyes. You get stuck paying for a stupid session so you can get some alone time with the ever popular twins, and you still can’t get away from all the other girls. You see Kaoru glancing at you with puzzlement until something clicks and he nods. Suddenly he leans in towards your neck and you feel his hot br
:iconfan-tan-chan:Fan-Tan-Chan 188 15
Remember Kaoru X Reader Part 1
Part 1
Kaoru x Reader
With your schedule clutched in your hand like a treasure map, you navigate your way to the first set of numbers you see. “I hope this is my first hour,” you say to yourself. Gazing up at the  elaborately painted ceiling, you walk down the hall past groups of squealing girls, and boys casually leaning against the walls. One waves at you, you smile back and press on down the hall.
“What do you say we go to the Host Club this morning, huh?” A blond girl on your left asks. You whip around only to see that she’s talking to her friends.
“That sounds like a great idea!” Another beams.
“We don’t have anything else to do, after all. Class doesn’t start for half an hour.”
“Half an hour?” You grumble to yourself. Maybe that’s a good thing... Maybe you’ll run into the twins in the hall or something and you can chat for a bit.
Sighing, you smooth out that silky yet hideous yellow dre
:iconfan-tan-chan:Fan-Tan-Chan 242 16
Cupid's Arrow || [Kise Ryouta]
Valentine's Day was the day of the year that made you feel most awkward. Being a rather introverted and shy person by nature, you always felt really embarrassed whenever you involuntarily witnessed a couple's lovey-dovey actions.
In your opinion love was something pure and intimate, so you didn't understand how they could display their affection so boldly in public. Sure, it was wonderful that two people could love each other so dearly, but this love was only special when it was spent in togetherness.
So it was needless to say that you felt out of place. As you walked down the hallways of Kaijō High, you tried your best to tune out the various couples you were passing on the way. 'Don't look, [Name]. Just ignore them.' you mentally reminded yourself, keeping your gaze on the polished floor.
However, you suddenly grew flustered as soon as you heard the sweet words of "I love you."'s being exchanged among some lovers. You subconsciously quickened your pace, rushing towards yo
:iconblackdragonofthemoon:BlackDragonOfTheMoon 151 15
Don't let go (Kise x Reader)
Don't let go (Kise x Reader)
A/N: So... this is pure fluff that hopefully you'll enjoy :3!
The day was sunny and warm and the summer breeze blew lightly as you walked towards the meeting place.
If you were honest with yourself, you didn’t know why you had accepted the invitation in the first place, but you were pretty sure it had to do with the puppy eyes and the hopeful look certain blond had threw your way when you were about to refuse. You ended up muttering an “Okay, fine, I’ll see you there,” prompting the copycat of the Generations Of Miracles to hug the life out of you.
So, you may wonder… what is wrong with going out with Kise Ryōta? Nothing. However, and turning back to your predicament, the meeting place was Kaijō’s High School pool. Okay, that itself was not a problem, the real problem was that you completely hated water; you didn’t have any idea of how to swim and a near drowning experience had left its toll on
:iconanniedmc:AnnieDMC 174 32
The first time (Kise x Reader)
The first time...
The first time you saw him was in your first day of school at Kaijō High. It had been a boring and uneventful day – well, at least until lunch. You had practically run out of your chemistry classroom and towards the cafeteria, eager to get some food in your system after such an incredibly awful day. Once your humming-self entered said building, you couldn’t help but notice the female population crowding the place. Your eye twitched a little when you noticed the women huddled against certain table. You caught a flash of vibrant, hazel-golden eyes as you passed by the table in a rush. Thankfully those girls weren’t in the lunch line.
The first time he noticed you was in his geometry class. Contrary to common believe, he did enjoy numbers and shapes every once in a while. The day had been peaceful and slow (if you ignore the stalkers that the oh-so-angelic-teacher had scolded earlier that day). Kise Ryōta never imagined he’d be grate
:iconanniedmc:AnnieDMC 291 35
Kise x Outcast!Reader: Attention
Being out of place never seemed to bother you that much. You minded your own business and never caused that much trouble. Until he came along.
You were a high schooler in Kaijo. You had average grades, but you did well in (favourite subject). Although many people did talk behind your back, you just brushed them off and continued whatever you were doing. You didn't have any friends as you didn't talk to anyone. And if they did, you didn't continue the conversation that much and they grew bored of you easily. But your life got turned into a new direction when a new student transferred into your class.
"Did you hear? A new student is coming!"
"Really? I wonder if it's a he or she!"
"I heard it's a guy!"
"I heard that he's good looking and he's a model,"
"All I know is that he's from Teiko!"
"Teiko? That school with the unbeatable basketball team? Do you think he's one of them?"
News of this student spread like wildfire in your class and soon, that was all they were talking about. Y
:iconsinnamonbby:SinnamonBby 65 14


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