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The Powerpuff Girls and Partners by Shinoharaa The Powerpuff Girls and Partners :iconshinoharaa:Shinoharaa 51 10
Breaks - Sammy x Barista!Reader [Coffee Shop!AU]
"If I have to write "Lord Voldemort" on one more coffee cup, I will murder someone," You mumbled as you quickly scribbled the name down onto the coffee cup and you quickly created one iced latte.
"No death threats {y/n} or Al will have your ass," Your good friend and fellow co-worker, Meg, commented and you shuddered at the thought of your boss (or "Hell's Grand Torturer" as you and your co-workers call him behind his back) would savor in making you spend your breaks wiping every table, window, and dish clean until your hands were sore.
"Fine, fine," You huffed as you called out "He Who Must Not Be Named" and handed the iced latte to a girl with red hair wearing a Star Wars shirt and watched as she skipped off towards an Asian boy who you recognized as the first person who stated his name to be "You Know Who".
"How am I even surprised?" With a shake of your head, you returned to taking orders with Meg until you noticed the time.
"Thank god, t's finally noon," You sighed in relie
:icondemonhunteryeager:DemonHunterYeager 70 24
Sam Winchester x reader : when we first met
I dub this one "Baby Moose" you said looking at a photograph of Sam from 2005.
Sam shook his head and took the pic from your hands. A lot had changed since it was taken, his baby face was gone his hair was a bit longer and he had some stubble.
A lot had also happened too, he found out angels were real (and not all of them were good),he started the apocalypse(and then stopped it),he lost his soul (and then got it back) yada yada… but he had also met you, he remembered that day like it was yesterday, he and Dean were at the public library gathering information about local myths and legends, while looking through a thick volume he had heard some books fall and a female voice in pain, he quickly got up out of his chair and rushed over to help, and that's when he saw you kneeling on the floor rubbing your head, large hardcovers were  around you like some kind of fairy ring.
"Here..let me help." He said crouching   down to your current level and holding his hand out.
You smil
:iconmickxbeth2012:Mickxbeth2012 68 10
Love Letters Sam x Reader
       Dear (Y/N),
       I’m not sure if I should

       ‘No that sounds dumb and insecure.’
      You and me at eight.
       “God no that sounds like Dean.” Sam murmured to himself. He was trying to write a love letter to you. Something that he’d probably never send though….he was always too scared to find out the real answer.
       “What sounds like me?” Dean asked causing his brother to flinch and cover the letter with the spiral he was getting paper out of.
       “Nothing. Just uh…..nothing.” Sam shrugged. His older brother quirked a brow at him.
       “Dude what’s with you? Are you hiding something from me?” Dean sauntered over and leaned against the table next to Sam.
       “No, why would I be
:iconvanillacookiemonster:vanillacookiemonster 239 44
Sam X-Reader - 99 Problems and You're One
     Hearing yet another sigh from across the table, you lift your head and see Sam, arms crossed and head resting on his hands as he stares at you.
    “Problem?” You raise an eyebrow at him.
    “Yeah. You’re beautiful.”
    “And that’s a problem?”
    “Yes. It’s very distracting.”
    You break into a smile and look back down at your laptop.
    “God damn, (y/n), if you keep smiling like that, it’ll be the death of me.”
    “Oh stop it.”
    He does a mock shudder. “Your voice sends chills down my spine.”
    Blushing, you try to ignore him.
    “Oh, now you’re just being mean. Blushing? That’s adorable.”
    “Sam . . .” You brush your bangs out of yo
:iconsophisticated-angel:Sophisticated-Angel 170 19
Sam X-Reader - Let Me In
     “Sam, are you getting dripped on?” You open your eyes and wipe a droplet of water from your nose.
    “No, why would I – yes. I just got dripped on.”
    Another drop hits your forehead, and another on your arm. “Is it raining?
    Both of you look up at the sky and see that dark clouds are rolling in, threatening to burst open at any second.
    “Looks like it. (y/n), I think we’ve been asleep for quite a while.”
    You and the boys have crashed at Bobby’s for a few days after a long hunt. Earlier in the afternoon, Sam had dragged you outside to the back of a junkyard to get away from Dean and Bobby for a while. You’d found a rusted old pickup truck that was still sitting on all four tire rims and eventually fallen asleep in the dust-covered bed.
    A low rumble of thunder booms in the clouds, ma
:iconsophisticated-angel:Sophisticated-Angel 78 5
Sam Texting Reader - Just In the Back Seat
It’s going to be a long drive to your next destination, and Dean isn’t a fan of rest stops. This is when you’re glad you have a phone . . .
I’m bored Sam.
Can’t help with that. Don’t you have a game on your phone you can play?
I beat all the levels. I have to wait for the next update. Hey I know what we can do . . .
*suggestive wink* you know what.
. . .
I’m kidding.
This is pathetic.
What is?
We are literally less than three feet away apart and we’re texting each other.
And the problem is . . .?
There isn’t one. I’m just saying it’s kinda pathetic.
I’m in a pathetic mood.
That didn’t sound the way it did in my head. Made me sound lousy.
You kinda are.
Dude. We’ve talked about the jk before.
I like the jk.
No more jk. jk Dean or something.
:iconsophisticated-angel:Sophisticated-Angel 94 12
Sam X-Reader - Don't Stand So Close to Him
     Watching the scrawny little blond sidle closer to Sam makes you feel sick. Sam, poor thing, is trying to be polite while hoping she’ll understand that she’s not interested. Unfortunately, she appears to be inebriated, and is therefore unable to realize that she should really go away. You purse your lips and try to ignore her, perfectly willing to give her a little leeway because she’s drunk, but she just keeps going.
    “Miss,” Sam shifts uncomfortably. “Do you, uh, do you have someone to drive you home?”
    “Why?” She slurs, giggles drunkenly, and trails a finger down the front of his shirt flirtatiously. “Don’t you wanna do it?”
    “If you need a ride, I could probably give you one.”
    “Oh no, baby. I wanna take you for a ride.”
    Her hand works its way down and around Sam
:iconsophisticated-angel:Sophisticated-Angel 115 7
Sam X-Reader - What I'd Do For You
    When you can hear the thoughts of other people in your head, it’s hard to get much sleep at night. Even though the people in question are sound asleep, sometimes their brain spikes and thinks something random.
    Sam, unfortunately, touched a cursed object earlier in the day. At the time he hadn’t thought it was doing anything. As it had turned out, he developed the ability to read minds. He’s currently not telling Dean or (y/n) about the issue, hoping that the effects will wear off by morning which, at this moment, seems very far off. Every time he gets close to drifting off, he’ll get a thought message from one of them that snaps him right back into consciousness.
    Eventually he manages to fall into a light sleep. Only a few hours later it’s morning.
    As soon as the alarm goes off, Dean’s mind is running through a morning routine of thoughts that prevents Sam from trying to doze
:iconsophisticated-angel:Sophisticated-Angel 114 10
Sam X-Reader - No Pants for You
     It’s nearly noon when you look at the clock for the second time today, but the drizzly gray weather makes it seem earlier.
    “Hm?” He mumbles with his face tucked against your shoulder as he rubs small circles on the back of your hand with his thumb.
    “We’ve been lying here all morning.”
    “You don’t think maybe we should get up.”
    “Doesn’t it worry you that Dean’s not back yet.”
    “Nope. He probably wore himself out last night.”
    “You’re probably right. So whaddya wanna do while we wait for him?”
    “Mm. I’m fine right here.” He readjusts his arms so that they’re wrapped around your waist.
:iconsophisticated-angel:Sophisticated-Angel 181 6
The Powerpuff Girls CF 2016 by Coffgirl The Powerpuff Girls CF 2016 :iconcoffgirl:Coffgirl 489 30 The Powerpuff Girls CF 2015 by Coffgirl The Powerpuff Girls CF 2015 :iconcoffgirl:Coffgirl 461 32 The Powerpuff Girls CF 2012 by Coffgirl The Powerpuff Girls CF 2012 :iconcoffgirl:Coffgirl 672 24 The Powerpuff Girls CF 2014 by Coffgirl The Powerpuff Girls CF 2014 :iconcoffgirl:Coffgirl 671 43 Powerpuff Girls Z - Boys 1 by AlineSM Powerpuff Girls Z - Boys 1 :iconalinesm:AlineSM 430 49 Powerpuff Girls by mochatchi Powerpuff Girls :iconmochatchi:mochatchi 264 20


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